The MilkyPod is a bestseller. Why?

No creamy milk without ‘Tap + Swirl’

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Innovative, useful & beautiful

The perfect combination?

The MilkyPod offers a solution that every cappuccino lover instantly recognizes.

And cappuccino is all about creamy milk.

We create a presentation that fits in your concept.

Enjoy MilkyPod

Real Innovation

The Good Life

  • Designed in Delft.
  • Made in Holland
  • Made of 100% GOTS certified materials

100% functional

Display in Vermeer centrum

‘Artware’ for Museums

The perfect product that is both usefull and arty

If you do the math, you know that Artware (functional products with art) outperforme traditonal ‘Pen & Paper’ stuff. Combine that with the perfect price point, your own top pieces and ‘voila’ here is your new bestseller to increase the bottom line.

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Inspire to buy

The right focus, the right attention makes that a great product meet the needs of shoppers.

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With just one click all your visitors can see the benefits in their own language.

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