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We create little masterpieces to make the ordinary, extraordinary.

Easy – Real creamy

The new essential accessory for cappuccino

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The MilkyPod™ brings real cappuccino within reach of everyone

The MilkyPod offers an innovative, real easy, solution to upgrade your cappuccino at home, with your own frother.

With just a simple barista trick, you transform bubble foam into creamy milk.

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The MilkyPod will be an essential in every household.

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Match the needs of consumers & shareholders

A product with a large audience

To sell, you need attractive products at the right pricepoint, that service a large audience.

Artware is the fastest growing category. It inspires to buy and brings your brand around the world.

Who doesnt like creamy cappuccino? It’s the #1 speciality beverage in the world.

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Inspire to buy

We provide a complete concept.

  • A product tailormade with your identity.
  • Choose for replica art, your brand or a mixture.
  • Custom point of sale visuals.
  • In house production.
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Service an international audience

With just one click all your visitors can see the benefits in their own language.

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