Frequently Asked Questions

Which pillows fit

Any soft pillow filled with down, feathers, balls, or wadding. 95% of pillows in hotels (including the expensive ones) and holiday homes are in this category.

Foam pillows cannot be used.

Below are the sizes used across the world

The height is always the same; only the width varies:

Pillow sizes

Any soft pillow fits

If a pillow is wider than 70 cm, that is no problem. It then protrudes a maximum of 10 cm, but the primary function remains. You only sleep on a very small surface.

How do I become a Pillow Wrapper expert

Pillow Wrapper instruction

By folding the pillow in the middle or, for example, at the two-thirds point, you can easily play with height and softness.

Pillow Wrapper instruction

You lie higher on the fold (depending on the pillow used) than on the ends.

For the most natural comfort, turn the pillow with the short fold underneath.

Choose the high or low side for your ideal comfort. This partly depends on the pillow used.

Pillow Wrapper instruction

Ideally, the long side of the pillow is along the seam of the Pillow Wrapper. This is the bottom: the shoulder/neck side.

We know WHAT a good pillow is

A pillow must be one-hundred percent functional, otherwise your sleep will be one- hundred percent hindered. That is why the basis of our design grew out of our research on what is necessary to help you sleep through the night.

You can press into soft pillows with one finger. Remember that your head weighs about 4-5 kilos, and it must be supported at the right height.

Having to shake soft pillows = restless sleep

What if there is no suitable pillow

In those rare cases, the solution can be found in any supermarket. Simply buy the cheapest pillow you can find and you’re all set. We have seen them on sale as low as $2.37.

Wallmarkt Pillow

Is a pillow included

No, the Pillow Wrapper is the product. You use it with any soft pillow.

When travelling: in 95% of the holiday homes and hotels is at least one soft pillow on your bed.

Pillow science

The Pillow Wrapper™ is designed to shape a pillow that will fit your head and provide optimal support for a good night’s sleep. In addition, it has many details that contribute to this: for example, the reinforcement on the seam where the most pulling power occurs when ‘wrapping’, or the extra-heavy quality of the fabric that also has to be soft. Form and function always come down to creative design.

Returns | Refund | Guarantee

Returning & Refund

You can return the Pillow Wrapper for a full refund up to 14 days after receipt.

For a refund, the Pillow Wrapper must be unused.


There is a lifetime guarantee on the stitching.


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